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Presence  {2023}

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Flurries of Inspiration 

Abundance “exceedingly and abundantly”

{Ephesians 3:20}

Waterkisses the feeling of seafoam gingerly

kissing your feet

Acoustic Wind sensing wispy winds of change within

Undulation the art of flow, the art of rhythmic waves

At the Wellan open space to ponder,

reflect and breathe

Murky Moona secluded night on the beach,

awaiting the awakening of the sun

Pianissimos mini waves of soft and sweet melodies

Salt n’ Soak relax, be free, be purified, be whole

Oceanz of Love God’s bountiful love supply

never runs dry

Presence “rivers of living water” {John 7:38}


Every note and nuance was purely God-given. This album is my heartfelt offering of life-giving pieces, created to replenish the hearts of humanity. Water is a key element of nourishment; and as one listens to this work, an undercurrent of oceanic motifs are harmonically woven in. It is my hope that all will peacefully bask in the Presence of this spiritually rich journey.

Undulation {2023}

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  • Undulation {Amazon}

Eclectic ebbs and flows of God's ocean waves


Open Portals {2021}

A gateway to the heavenly realm

Kayla Waters Open Portals.JPG

Coevolve {2018}

Underground spiritual growth and

botany collide

coevolve album cover.jpg

Zephyr {2018}

A "fresh wind" and bountiful breeze


Apogee {2017}

Ascending to the heavenlies through

outer space


"The piano is my artistic canvas. I delight in painting stories with the music I write."

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