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Open Portals New Single! 

Beautiful people, I am so elated to share my fourth Billboard No. 1 single "Open Portals" with you! 🎹🎹🎹🎹💜 This artistic piece musically paints the portrait of portals opening that are ultimately a gateway to the heavenly realm〰️a realm of supernatural protection, abundant blessings and divine love. If you "know" me, or if you are new to me, I simply LOVE GOD. As His instrument, I uniquely compose music for the sole purpose to extol HIM. Ornamented with notes of optimism and creatively produced with love, I pray that as this God-given sound is "released" it will bless you and lift your spirit up! Love and blessings to all! 

Coevolve is a scientific term that illustrates the process of two organisms or entities reciprocally influencing the evolution of one another. This remarkable work of botanic nature eloquently shaped and inspired the concept of the songs written on this album. While Kayla musically paints a portrait of the life of a plant, the coetaneous message of her intimate journey growing with God is deeply woven therein this work. The first piece “Zephyr” beautifully sets the scene for the album. It is the fresh wind of God and a pure sound. Embarking on a subterranean journey, the conquest begins with “Black Cove” and Kayla is planted as a “Lil’ Mustard Seed,” full of virtue beyond vision. After being watered with “Obsidian Rain” falling in a dark, murky place, “Heaven Said So” nourishes our souls with optimism and propels us upward. Secluded underground, a seed (symbolic of a human being) is purified like “Eden’s Gold” and made anew. At this refining point, we taste and see the sweet-sounding goodness of “Cocoa Earth” and glean from its vivacious rhythms. Above all, Kayla reminds us that nothing is more palatable than the love of “Sweet Agape,” the nectar that never runs dry. In realizing this invaluable motif, one can experience and see miraculous “Signs and Wonders.” These traces of blessing are certain to bring hope to all humankind. Presently, in our world of abhorrent hatred, turmoil and affliction, “Kiss Away” is the band-aid to our hearts. Its lyrics act as the balm that heals our internal wounds, allowing us to bud into “Full Bloom” and to live abundantly. Biblically based and creatively written, the album “Coevolve” is filled with rich polyphonic textures, unique sounds, tones, impromptu melodic, harmonic and rhythmic nuances that justly epitomize the aeolian cycle of God, music and natural life.​

Coevolve Album Release 

Zephyr Single Release (2018)

Apogee Debut Album (2017)


“The piano is my canvas. I delight in painting stories with the music I write.”

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