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PuriKey Productions

PuriKey Productions, LLC is a Godly, kingdom-based production company created by CEO, Kayla Waters.

This unique entity specializes in the areas of songwriting, composing, music programming, music production, film scoring and sound development. Through PuriKey, Kayla seeks to be an instrument to spread God's love mightily through her own projects as well as musical endeavors with clients she collaborates with. As an avid lover of creativity coupled with optimism, Kayla curated "PuriKeys: Morning Manna," a blog series procreated for creatives who seek to know, love, and apply the principles of the ultimate Creator, God. May each "PuriKey" below inspire, ignite and bountifully enhance your creative gifts in God! 

PuriKeys: Morning Manna 
Kayla's inspirational blog series for kingdom creatives
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